Discovery weekends and city breaks

A weekend in Poland represents an excellent way to discover the history, culture and gastronomy of the country through a short visit to one of its cities. The New Poland DMC offers several weekend and city-break programmes, both in summer and in winter. Contact us for more information.

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Examples of programmes

Warsaw past, present and future

3 days 2 nights
Warsaw Warsaw
Historical center of the city, the Royal Castle, the modern Warsaw, the Palace of Culture and Science, the former working-class district Praga - right bank of Vistula, the governmental district, the Royal baths historical park

Warsaw, a history of metamorphoses
Warsaw’s architecture tells the city’s story very well. Established in the 14th century and administrative centre of Poland since the 16th, Warsaw continued its development until the Second World War. A few monuments of this glorious past remain, many of them rebuilt after the city’s near destruction in 1944. The 50 years that followed added typical Socialist architecture to the city’s landscape. Capital of a fully independent state at last after the fall of Communism, Warsaw is today resolutely turned towards the future with a new skyline, which will include the highest building in the EU in 2020.

Krakow - in the heart of Polish history

3 days 2 nights
Krakow KRK Krakow KRK
Wawel Royal Castle, Nowa Huta district, Kazimierz Jewish District, Wieliczka - 13th-century salt mine on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Krakow, the royal city and former capital of Poland for 600 years, has retained its medieval charm and most of its historical monuments from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.

Today one of the largest cultural and scientific centers of Poland with its treasures of art and architecture that are inscribed on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO.