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We have selected equestrian centers that offer a quality horse infrastructure and comfortable accommodation conditions. The centers are located in the middle of nature, allowing long outdoor exits, different each day.

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Examples of programs

In the Polish Carpathians visiting Krakow and Wieliczka

8 days 7 nights
Krakow Krakow
Walk in old Krakow by the old royal road, entered the yard of the Jagiellonian University, the oldest in Poland (1364) and one of the oldest in Europe. Climb to Wawel Hill for a visit to the Royal Castle and the Cathedral of Royal Saints.
The Wieliczka Salt Mine is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Exploited since the 13th century, it has nine levels and 300 km of galleries.
The route of our hike allows us to appreciate the wild beauty of the Bieszczady and includes every day highlights such as the swimming of horses in Lake Solina, the crossing of the river San, breathtaking panoramic views, crossings of small villages lost , the view of Tserkev (Orthodox churches) in wood, tasting of local products, evenings around a campfire, etc.

During our hike you will ride Huçuls.

Huçul or Huzul is a very rustic pony breed from the Carpathians. Close to the konik and descending like him from the Tarpan, depending on its origin, it is light or heavy type.
The Huçul is adapted to the living conditions of the Carpathians, quiet and voluntary, it also serves as a mount for children.

In the land of a thousand lakes - Mazury

8 days 7 nights
Warsaw Warsaw
Warsaw - the old town, painstakingly reconstructed on the basis of the ancient plans of the medieval order, the unique architectural ensemble of the old town (Stare Miasto) with its beautiful facades with Renaissance, Baroque or Gothic frescoes is elevated to the rank of Patrimony UNESCO World Heritage.
You will come across small villages with traditional regional architecture, churches, old mills etc ...
The hike is organized by the renowned stud farm of the Ferenstein family, many of whom have been part of the Polish Olympic team. The stud farm organizes a famous equestrian competition in Poland, the Galkowo Masters, and other equestrian events.

Water is omnipresent in the Mazurian, with its lakes, rivers and canals, we propose to put the foot on the ground for a day to also live an aquatic experience. The kayaking down of the picturesque Krutynia River – which does not require any particular physical effort – will be a moment of relaxation and pure pleasure.