Integrating cultural events in a trip to Poland

If you wish to emphasise the cultural dimension of a trip to Poland, or want to build a programme on a cultural theme, you will have a wide range of options to choose from. Musical events, art collections and galleries, cinema experiences – a knowledgeable incoming tour operator such as New Poland will select the right venues and events – whether public or private – to make your programme a success.

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Whatever your favourite musical genre is – classical, rock or jazz – you will not be disappointed with your journey to Poland. A visit to the country is an opportunity to experience live performances of works of world-renowned Polish composers: Chopin, of course, but also Szymanowski, Górecki or Penderecki, played by excellent soloists and orchestras in modern venues, including the magnificent setting of Katowice, one of the global references in concert hall acoustics. Enjoy one of the many classical music feasts such as the well-established Beethoven, Mozart or Bach festivals. Jazz is also doing very well in Poland, with many concerts and festivals frequented by international stars… Musical events abound in Summer, with many outdoor rock and jazz events in particular.

Museums and galleries

The Polish art collections, plundered during the Second World War, remain important and several world-class museums are worth visiting to any art lover. The National Museums of Warsaw and Krakow offer a good perspective on the history of Polish painting and sculpture. City history museums in the main cities tell fascinating stories and show the many different cultural currents which influenced Poland’s past. Several major themed museums, such as that of the history of Polish Jews in Warsaw or that of Silesia in Katowice, definitely deserve a visit. Finally, the Zachęta National Gallery in Warsaw and Krakow’s Mocak, as well as many private art galleries, await the fans of contemporary art.


Internationally recognised films, several Academy Awards… the reputation of Polish cinema is well established. Great directors such as Wajda and Polański, Kieślowski, Skolimowski, but also the new generation with Pawlikowski or Szumowska; excellent actors; composers of film music and renowned operators who work with Spielberg, Scott or Tarantino. A stop at one of the film festivals dedicated to commercial and independent films, documentaries or animated movies can be a highlight of a trip to Poland. Another good idea might be a visit to the cradle of Polish cinema, Łódź, with its film school, considered one of the best in the world, and Camerimage, its international art of cinematography festival.